Al Bhed Translator

What Does Al Bhed Mean?

Al Bhed has no specific meaning, but it is thought to come from the word “alphabet” and the name of their founder “Alb” is a play on “Alba” meaning “dawn”.

Is Al Bhed a Real Language?

Al Bhed is not a language of its own. It's spoken only by Al Bhed citizens, a Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 fictional tribe.

What Language Is Al Bhed Based On?

Al Bhed language is not based on any language as it is, in reality, a cypher. However, some fans of Final Fantasy have argued that it is based on Eastern European language, particularly French.

What is Al Bhed in Al Bhed?

Ec Pnit

How to Read Al Bhed?

Reading Al Bhed is simple once you know which letter stands for what. This can be done by studying the language or using an Online Al Bhed Translator.